Kugu Classic Blue


To that everyday women, with everyday chores, this Belt bag is a free-hand one, because we know how important it is to flirt with your hair while looking for your sunglasses and that great lipstick.

These Kugo Bags are our top choice for festival season, you can thank us later.

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Leather Belt bag and adjustable cross body with closing zipper inside


Material:  Leather
Color: Metallic Blue


Avoid exposure to heat/humidity sources to correctly preserve the original quality of the product. If exposed to rain, you should dry immediately with a dry soft neutral cloth and leave in a well-aired place. Any exposure to water, oils and cosmetics can stain the leather. We also suggest that you avoid prolonged exposure to intense light to prevent discoloration. When not used, please do not leave the product in contact with other leathers or plastic bags, but store it in the protective bag. If necessary, fill with paper to keep its shape and leave the shoulder straps outside the storage bag.